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Pascal KRISNER, the boss

The caretaker of your horses. An expert in breaking young horses.

Specialized in behavioral studies of horses with learning difficulties,  his goal is to help them achieve a balanced state as close as possible to their own nature.

The psychic balance of the horses is the most important factor of their well being and performance.

Our stable's concept is to give to horses the most comfort possible.

Our horses go to field each time it is possible.

Freedom in movement

What is the meaning of comfort for a horse?

Living outside with other horses.

Horses have a deep herd instinct. They feel at their safest when within a group of other horses.

Each horse has a hierarchic place in the group.

As long that each one has a clear role, the horse feels safe, even if his place is at the bottom of the scale.

When horses are closed in their stalls, even deluxe stalls, suffer from loneliness.

Horses need to communicate not only through expressions and gestures but also through movement.

Horses thrive on communication and games. But how can they play their games in a stall?

Horses show their emotions through games.

Games allow the horses to mimic life in a herd. They are necessary to their psychic balance.